Crystal Ball Reading Again this type of reading originates from Egypt. Quartz Crystal is a stone used for purification and cleansing, and captures your energy to release whatever you have been holding inside. This is a very natural organic reading that is based on your energy, and it goes very much into your future. On a typical reading, I cleanse the ball with sage, then I will ask you to place your hand on it, and that’s when I can start to pick up your energy.

Basically there are four types commonly used. One is the low cost solid glass gazing ball. These are fine as long as they are free from bubbles and the distortion level is tolerable. The second type is made from ‘lead’ crystal or a mixture of this and glass. These are fine as long as they too are bubble and distortion free and are not darkly tinted. The third type is the reconstituted quartz crystal balls. For most, these are the best option as the cost is low while still consisting of pure quartz. Reconstituted means it is pure quartz that is ground, heated and then reformed into a sphere shape. The fourth type is the pure quartz spheres. These are much more expensive and never completely clear. They contain (beautiful) inclusions that give it that ‘ice’ look mentioned by the Greeks. Some people love these for gazing as they are pure quartz in its natural form. Others don’t like the inclusions for gazing and prefer a completely clear sphere.