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Bad Luck and Protection Do you think you are surrounded by bad luck? Do you feel unsafe. Do you normally have bad dreams. Are you failing to meet your goals in life. Though there is just no alternate to hard work, but who doesn’t want good luck in life? The result of hard work may be quadrupled if luck favors you. If you too want to attract good luck to your life, we recommend that you follow these 8 tips that we have for you in this idea book. Luck is only for believers, and popular wisdom when mixed with religious beliefs results in some proven helpful tips to improve your luck, which is It is said to bring prosperity and attract success. Lucky bamboo is a popular good luck charm used in Asian cultures, and people love to keep it in their offices, on desks and homes. It is a low maintenance live plant, that thrives on just water, and can live for long without sunlight. nothing but good positive energy that keeps you happy and motivated. Read on for these 8 ways to protect your home from envy, bad energy and evil eye.